Why Good Life Market?

Good Life Market is a mum-run South Australian small business that focuses on creating healthy snacks that won’t cause your beloved children to give you the “I'm pretty sure I asked for chicken nuggets” look.

The idea was born not too long after my first child, when I realised the sheer amount of research required to find out information about what is in the snacks we give to our children. As a first-time mum, I was concerned about the sheer amount of preservatives, dyes, artificial flavours and unnecessary added sugars I saw in all the supermarket snacks for kids. Like most mums, I was hoping I would raise a perfect child of the earth who wanted nothing but raw fruit and vegetable snacks, but the reality is that children are notoriously fussy little food critics as they explore, discover and develop their palate.

So, I decided to use my newfound knowledge to give access to snacks that were the best of both worlds - healthy enough to prevent the mum guilt, and appealing enough to tempt a toddler.

First, I turned to my uncle, whose South Australian farm grows most of the fruit we use in our products, and built a small, sustainable supply chain. This was important to me - to support other small local businesses, to reduce the impact our snacks had on the environment, and to make sure our produce was of the best quality. I could see the fruit grow, and be involved in all the steps to take it from farm to table!

Next, from my research, I knew what to avoid (no added colours, flavours, preservatives or unnecessary sugars) and I knew the many health benefits of the vitamins and antioxidants in fruit for growing bodies. What was most tricky of course, was getting the taste and appearance tempting to the discerning toddler palate, and so my son Ollie happily stepped in as lead product tester.

(Oliver clearly wanted to be in this photo) 

Now with over 2000 orders fulfilled, Good Life Market sells healthy snacks for kids that adults can enjoy too! In fact, we have a range of dried fruits that are perfect for that end-of-the-week cocktail, and gift packs for the environment and health-conscious foodie.